• The Studio

    Studio Joneski is a music recording facility situated in Houten in the Netherlands, owned by Sam Jones en Matthijs Kievit. We like to record awesome tunes, awesomely. To this end, we’ve tried to create a relaxing space in which musicians feel free to explore their creativity and let us capture those magical moments on tape. We believe in individuality and will always try to expand on whatever it is that makes your music unique. We aim for a special result each time.

    On the technical side, we at Studio Joneski believe in an old-school workflow. Get in a room together, play, and let us record what happens. We employ a true hybrid recording setup, with an analogue desk and 2” tape recorder as front end to our digital rig, calibrated to provide maximum audio fidelity at the start of the recording chain. The hybrid setup conforms to our 'best of both worlds’ vision, combining the joy of great analogue sound with the possibilities of the digital domain.

    The studio is built around a large, sweet-sounding live space that will easily fit your entire band for that inimitable 'together' feel, coupled with a number of smaller spaces for all of our acoustic needs.