• The Studio

    Studio Joneski is a music recording facility situated in Houten in the Netherlands, owned by Sam Jones en Matthijs Kievit. We like to record awesome tunes, awesomely. To this end, we’ve tried to create a relaxing space in which musicians feel free to explore their creativity and let us capture those magical moments on tape. We believe in individuality and will always try to expand on whatever it is that makes your music unique. We aim for a special result each time.

    On the technical side, we at Studio Joneski believe in an old-school workflow. Get in a room together, play, and let us record what happens. We employ a true hybrid recording setup, with an analogue desk and 2” tape recorder as front end to our digital rig, calibrated to provide maximum audio fidelity at the start of the recording chain. The hybrid setup conforms to our 'best of both worlds’ vision, combining the joy of great analogue sound with the possibilities of the digital domain.

    The studio is built around a large, sweet-sounding live space that will easily fit your entire band for that inimitable 'together' feel, coupled with a number of smaller spaces for all of our acoustic needs.
  • The Engineers

    Sam Jones (b. 1989, Bath, ENG) was first thrown behind a recording console in 2010, at the Kytopia studios. It was a fully analogue studio at the time and the first production Sam did was a full on 24-channel, live-recorded and partly improvised album. This meant riding faders, swapping mics on the fly, running around and basically being part of the performance. Sam hasn’t stopped running since and is now a proud co-owner of Studio Joneski, for which he has bought a chair. Additionally he also works as a live sound engineer and plays guitar and bass guitar for a number of bands.

    Matthijs Kievit (b. 1986, Rotterdam, NED) learned the tricks of the trade by spending time at numerous studios in Utrecht and Berlin (Mailmen, Kytopia and andereBaustelle), in addition to attaining a Studio Technology bachelor's degree at the Utrecht School of the Arts. Since 2008, Matthijs has been developing his skills and style, always looking for evocative sounds. Matthijs also works as a live sound engineer and plays the drums in Woods on Fire.

    Nacho (b. 2010), the studio dog and head of security. Fierce and loyal. He likes prancing around. He doesn't seem to realise he is actually very small. A valuable asset indeed.
  • Our Gear

    - Otari and Revox tape recorders
    - Mac Pro running Pro Tools 12
    - Antelope converters
    - ATC monitors

    - Heavily modded Soundcraft 1624 desk
    - Chandler, API, D&R, Altec pres

    - Quality dynamic, ribbon, condenser and tube mics by
      AKG, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Calrec, Coles, Crown, ElectroVoice,
      Gefell, Gonzo, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure and Telefunken

    - Altec, DBX, TK Audio, Urei, Avalon dynamics
    - Roland and Watkins tape delays
    - Additional FX by Orban, Ibanez, IQ Systems

    - guitars, guitar amps, stompboxes, bass amps, drumkits, cymbals,
      percussion, organs, upright piano, grand piano, harmonium